Friday, January 1, 2010

The Month in Melt

The dynamic duo have done it again. That is, Melt Bar and Grilled's Matt Fish has created yet another brilliant sandwich concoction and our boy John G has delivered the goods on a stunner of a poster commemorating the creation.

This time, Fish greets the new month (and year, and decade!) with The Hungry Hungarian Paprikash Melt. Picture this: huge homemade dumplings drenched with a creamy paprikash sauch thick with pulled roasted chicken, all served up on Melt's trademark Texas toast-style bread. Yummy squared.
Also, while we are on the topic of Melt, I have a report on the Grilled Cheese Democracy challenge posed to Melt enthusiasts everywhere this time last month. The winner of the campaign to achieve permanent menu status among previous special-only sandwiches like The Godfather, The Reuben Melt, The My Big Fat Gyro Melt, and The Mom's Meatloaf Dinner Melt was ...


The Godfather!

So for those of you who had their fingers crossed for a year-round lasagna grilled cheese, congratulations. Your champion should be inaugurated quite soon.

1 comment:

Bob Ignizio said...

Considering I have a wheat allergy, I should steer well clear of Melt. And yet I cannot, especially with a sandwich like that. Damn you Mr. Fish.