Thursday, January 14, 2010

Celluloid Bachelor #43: Lawrence Arabia "Apple Pie Bed"

Ever heard of the Silver Scroll Award? If so, you are one up on me. I had to google that shit. However, now that I have, I am fully equipped to inform you that it is actually kind of a big deal, particularly for the Kiwis, in that it recognizes annually the finest song written in all of New Zealand. Today's recipient of the 43rd Celluloid Bachelor posting, an even less renowned but no less discerning award, is the inimitable Lawrence Arabia (aka James Milne). The song which garnered both prestigious nods is "Apple Pie Bed," a doozy of a ditty off Lawrence Arabia's forthcoming album, Chant Darling (scheduled to drop March 9th via Bella Union).

Fundamentally irreverent, with a Peggy Lee March backbeat, I feel strangely sheepish to admit that while I'd argue long into the night that "Apple Pie Bed" is brilliant, I truly have no idea what it is about. The lyrics just don't make any sense to me. Perhaps something about being moved out of one's comfort zone? Or maybe refusing to be moved? See if you can tell.

Whatever the case, the song is about comfort, which is exactly what the folks starring in the accompanying video appear to be about, too. I'm not gonna say this video is NSFW, but I probably wouldn't want to watch it with my boss. Too much gleeful and floppy weirdness, with the bubbles and Milne's daffy dated dapper act, not to mention masquerade party in comfy undergarments happening all around the camera. Watch it, to be sure, just maybe not with your boss. Or your mom.


Anonymous said...

Apple Pie Bed... we know.

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