Friday, January 8, 2010

Celluloid Bachelor #37: Warpaint "Elephants"

There is a serious double standard in indie rock. Dudes can be as gangly and beardy and homely as they want - so long as their skinny jeans fit - and that's fine, but the ladies are often way better looking than the average audience member. Warpaint is no exception. So far, every post I've found online with this video makes reference to the ladies and their looks. On one level, that makes sense. I mean, hey, they are pretty. But on the other hand - the grown up hand concerned with fairness and justice and such nice things - maybe we might also want to talk about the music. "Elephants" is a pretty killer track, warm yet detached, mellow yet with a hint of tension. A little Mogwai, a little laid back Yeasayer. A lot of awesome.

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chip said...

Warpaint has a show in Columbus in early March (probably on their way to SXSW). I'm looking forward to hearing a full length from the ladies.