Thursday, January 7, 2010

January Melt Report

Yesterday I went to Melt. Naturally, I elected to order the monthly special, the Hungry Hungarian Melt.

It was so awesome I simply had to blog about it.

Instead of dropping a couple hundred words of prose on why I loved it (and I really did love it - my favorite monthly special in quite some time), I figured I'd share a post-meal text message conversation with you.

CB: mmmmMelt
FG: You there now?
CB: No. Back home already.
FG: How was the paprikash?
CB: Delicious.
CB: I give it an A+

At this point, the convesation ended. I'm not sure why, but I have three possible scenarios.

1) FG became consumed with a jealousy-fueled rage and, after deleting my number from his phone, smashed it against the sidewalk.
2) FG went immediately to Melt to get his own delicious sandwich, and still has not woken up from the traditional post-Melt food coma.
3) FG is so focused on getting to Melt as soon as humanly possible in order to consume his own Hungry Hungarian that he is letting nothing interfere with his focus.

All of these are plausible reasons and while I hope it isn't the first option, I'm certain he'll be pleased with the sandwich. If not, I'll take the other half.


Suburban Sweetheart said...

Ugh. I interned for Cleveland Magazine & wrote/read about Melt all the freaking time... & never went. And then I moved. I WANT MELT.

CB said...

Oh man! Why'd you leave? Now you have a good reason to come back!