Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tonight in Cleveland (1/13): Bear in Heaven @ CWRU's The Spot

If you like your indie rock straight out of Brooklyn with a side order of Liberal Arts, have I got the show for you. Tonight, Brooklynite hard folk rockers Bear in Heaven bring their musical wares to the campus of Case Western Reserve University for the sampling pleasure of the Case student body and anyone else lucky enough to have a campus hook-up or smart enough to figure out how to get tickets from a place that doesn't post an accurate calendar and never answers the phone.

A lot of folks went totally nuts for Bear in Heaven's 2009 release, Beast Rest Forth Mouth, and for good reason: it totally rules. Since its October release, the band has gained subsequent buzz (that, in all honesty, was building since well before the record dropped) for its live performance prowess and has become a 'must-see' act when it comes through a town near you. (Another reason I'm bummed Case booked these guys and not a venue where, you know, fans can actually see them.) Fortunately, I'll be in New York later in the month when they play a gig with Oh No Ono. I guess you could do that, too, if you can't swing your way into tonight's show.


Roger Zender said...

You always have a "connection." ;-)

They were pretty good! I think I liked Freelance Whales a little better, but definitely different sounds.

CB said...

Freelance Whales opened? Oh man, I've been hearing good things about them!