Saturday, January 9, 2010

Celluloid Bachelor #38: The Rural Alberta Advantage "In the Summertime"

Today's edition of Celluloid Bachelor comes to us all the way from the friendly confines of Canada. More specifically, Toronto. That's right, Toronto. Yeah, I know the band's name directly references Alberta, but trust me - the folks live in Toronto.

The track is "In the Summertime," the closing song of last year's Hometowns release, and one of the record's most stark and beautiful melodies. From frontman Nils Edenloff's weary vocals to the methodical drumming, the plaintive organ chords, and the lovely one line sung by the female vocalist as the track fades out, this is the kind of song that ends before you know it and, as the album closer, has you debating whether to start the track over or just replay the whole record. My advice? Go for the latter.

And don't forget - don't you dare - that The Rural Alberta Advantage is headlining the January Cleveland Bachelor Show of the Month on January 17th at the Beachland. Tons of folks are geeked for this one and for good reason.

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