Friday, May 21, 2010

Tonight in Cleveland (5/21): Whiskey Daredevils/The Elks at Beachland Tavern

Been a long week? Had a touch too much stress? In need of something that rocks but also might make you laugh (a lot)?

Boy are you in luck. For tonight, The Whiskey Daredevils and their frontman Greg Miiller's Lottery League band "The Elks" will play the Beachland Tavern joined by Canton rockabilly band Rumble Daddy. With this combination of The Whiskey Daredevils and America's #1 Lodge Rock band "The Elks", this should be a real winner. The Elks only have a 20 minute set, so get there early. It goes by fast and they play first. The Tavern shows have sold out the last two times the Daredevils have held them there, so buy your tix in advance if you want to make sure and be there.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tonight in Cleveland (5/19): Jessica Lea Mayfield/The Futurebirds at Beachland Tavern

There is a lot to celebrate in terms of the indie music richness of NEO. That's a given. But when we get down to the nitty gritty of listing out which artists we ought to be most thankful for, I gotta believe that Jessica Lea Mayfield comes at or near the top of every discerning listener in the region.

Who's that, you ask? Oh, my. Friend, you are gonna thank me for this tip:

Go to the Beachland tonight. Get there early enough to catch Athens GA's The Futurebirds, if you can, but definitely get there to hear the evening's headliner.

Doors open at 8, show kicks off about 9, and the whole thing will only set you back a 10-spot.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tonight in Cleveland (5/16): Cracker/Reverend Horton Heat

A blast from not that far into the past, but a latter-day twentieth century get-down, nonetheless as the Beachland welcomes CB favorites Cracker to Cleveland as the alt-country heroes open for seminal punkabilly rockers Reverend Horton Heat. This one will be a doozy - I've never seen Cracker and found them to be anything other than awesome. And the rev, of course, rules.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tonight in Cleveland (5/15): Paleface & Todd Snider at the Beachland

Anyone who has read this website for a moderate length of time should know by now of my affection for Paleface. I've dug the music both recorded and live and think anyone who does not avail themselves of the opportunity to see Mr. PF and Ms. Mo in concert is foolish, to say the least. I've even waded into the concert promotion business, to mildly disastrous results, by trying to bring these two to small-town Texas. They may well refuse to speak to me at the show after that last one, but I'll still be there anyway. If you go, and you should, say hi for me!

PALEFACE "New York, New York" from fool factory films on Vimeo.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Tonight in Cleveland (5/13): Douglas Max Utter/Kasumi exhibit opening at Asterisk Gallery

Tonight is the opening reception for the newest exhibit at Cleveland's fine Asterisk Gallery. Dubbed "Sleepwalkers," the exhibit features the work of a couple tremendous artists, painter Douglas Max Utter and video artist Kasumi. This is not one to be missed, as evidenced by the artists' statement below.

Daily life is a matter of complex equilibrium, achieved in a micro- and macro-context of mind boggling velocities -- like passengers napping on a commuter flight. One of the secrets of our poise is the interior positioning system that cognitive scientists term proprioception -- the way we perceive where different parts of our bodies are in space in relation to each other based on internal clues. This is something that art in general seems to comment on and explore. A painting or a video (or dance or concerto) inevitably distorts the transmission of information about both visual and internal realities, a distortion that has emotional, intellectual, even neuro-muscular implications and impact. The works in this show play with a range of effects caused by the interplay of color and line, recognition and transformation based on images of the human figure. These are not intended to be emotionally expressive studies (though they can be); they meditate on the use of formal qualities and materials to evoke the movement of energy through the half-awake array of identities and postures that each of us lumps together under the heading: “myself.”

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tonight in Cleveland (5/13): Plants & Animals/Lowly, the Tree Ghost @ Grog Shop

It's a Canada vs Clevo battle tonight at the Grog, friends. Montreal's Plants and Animals are cruising in to russle with local troupe Lowly, the Tree Ghost. It should be a good event all around, and though Plants and Animals incredible hot streak this year, including the critical response to their new record La La Land, might seem to make them the favorites for top band of the evening, don't count the local boys (and girl) out. Lowly, the Tree Ghost has expanded significantly since first hitting the scene, and for the better. Frontman Andrew Arbogast still brings it on vocals and guitar, but the full band sound - especially with the addition of vocalist and keyboardist Emily McKitrick - should keep bringing more attention and higher billings the band's way.

If you are wise, then, or even a touch ridiculously anti-Canuck, you would do your best to be Grog-side this evening. Things'll kick off around 9 and tix are a mere $10.

Regardless, be sure to check out the videos below. You'll need to watch the first one at least twice, as during the initial viewing you'll be so absorbed with the visual narrative that you'll forget about the music!

The Mama Papa by Plants and Animals from Secret City Records on Vimeo.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tonight in Cleveland (5/12): MC Chris/Math the Band at the Grog Shop

Got nerd?

The fact that I started this post with the way played out milk commercial line appropriation shows I do. If you don't, but want some, check out tonight's MC Chris/Math the Band show at the Grog Shop. As always, bring your pocket-size industrial strength bottle of purell. The jams begin being kicked out at 9 and tickets are $14 at the door.

Math The Band - Why Didn't You Get A Haircut? from kevin steinhauser on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tonight in Cleveland (5/11): Local Natives/Suckers @ Beachland

Tonight, indie darlings Local Natives join Suckers, one of the best bands I discovered in 2009 as well as one of the most enjoyable live sets I saw at SXSW in 2010, to rock Waterloo Road. There is already a lot of excitement about this event, as evidenced by the move from the more intimate Tavern to the spacious and gloriously kitschy Ballroom setting.

Those of you that have caught the Local Natives bug will also want to check out their in-store performance at Music Saves earlier in the evening.

Local Natives will start the in-store about 7, doors will open at the Beachland at 7:30, and the get down commences getting down at 8:30. The in-store is FREE and tickets at the Beachland will only cost you $12 at the door.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tonight in Cleveland (5/8): Deer Tick & The Guile at Beachland

I'll admit it - although Deer Tick has been around for a minute, I didn't get into them until I learned they were from the same town/scene as The Low Anthem. Once I got into them, though, man did I get into them. Now, well, I'm a touch heart-broken that I have to be 1000 miles away when they stroll through Cleveland tonight for their gig at the Beachland. Somebody please go see them in my stead. And if you take halfway decent (or, hell, indecent) video of a song or two, lemme know - I'll post the clip up here.

KEXP inStudio 10.1 - DEER TICK from More Dust Than Digital on Vimeo.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Tonight in Cleveland (5/7): This Moment in Black History/Knife the Symphony @ The Happy Dog

This Moment in Black History has just been killing it this year. A killer new record out, a triumphant tour to SXSW and back, and a slew of fantastic youtube concert promos. The artifact you see above is for tonight's show at The Happy Dog and I thought it was such a great riff on French New Wave cinema and silly 60s European revolutionary rhetoric that I had to put it up, even if I can't stand the opening band (hint: they are the ones not mentioned in the title of this post). So check out the show and get yourself a hot dog while you are at it. And if you happen to show up while the not-named-here contemporary indie version of Michael Stanley in the over-heated/over-rated Cleveland music love sweepstakes are playing, take a walk down the block and check out some of the gallery action that is populating Detroit these days.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tonight in Cleveland (5/5): Frightened Rabbit/Maps & Atlases @ Grog Shop

Two big indie bands busting through Cleveland's scene tonight, folks. Specifically, everyone's favorite rock dumpster, ye olde Grog Shop, will be hosting Scotland's Frightened Rabbit and Chicago's Maps & Atlases, not to mention Ann Arbor's Our Brother the Native. Check them out below, and then check them out at the Grog - doors are at 8 and the show's a mere $15. Just bring hand sanitizer and hope you don't have to piss.

Maps & Atlases - Ted Zancha (Live @ AEMMP Records Industry Night 2009) from The Belmont Sessions on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tonight in Cleveland (5/4): An Horse & Kaki King

I'll be honest - I can't remember where I first heard An Horse, but something about the sound of the band when I did hear it for the first time stuck with me. Later, when I downloaded some music into my iTunes, I found it amusing how it was categorized in the "H" section, rather than the "A." Between that first mystical listen and that funny software glitch memory, the band has stuck with me. They are hitting the Beachland tonight. You should check them out. Maybe they'll stick with you, too.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tonight in Cleveland (5/1): Road House @ Cedar-Lee

There is nothing better then welcoming in the month of May with a healthy dose of Swayze.

This movie rules and is the definitive moment of Swayze's career, though points in Point Break and (blech) Ghost also bear mentioning.

See it tonight at the Cedar-Lee at 9:30 or 12.

May Live Music Radness

Unlike last month, I've managed to hit the beginning of the month right on the dot, so we don't have to worry about any CB-endorsed shows getting missed on the monthly radness round-up.

As usual, if it is listed below, it is worth catching. If it is bolded, you'd be crazy not to etch it on your personal calendar.

1 - Backyard Tire Fire @ Beachland
2 - Ike Reilly Assassination @ Beachland
3 - Casiotone for the Painfully Alone/Shiny Penny @ Beachland
4 - An Horse/Kaki King @ Beachland
5 - Frightened Rabbit/Maps & Atlases @ Grog Shop
6 - Annuals/The Most Serene Republic @ Grog Shop
7 - Grant-Lee Phillips @ Beachland
8 - Deer Tick/The Guile @ Beachland OR Murder by Death/Ha Ha Tonka @ Grog Shop
11 - Local Natives/Suckers @ Beachland (sponsored by Music Saves)
12 - MC Chris/Math the Band @ Grog Shop
13 - Plants & Animals/Lowly, the Tree Ghost @ Grog Shop
15 - Paleface/Todd Snider @ Beachland OR Afternoon Naps/Very Truly Yours/Trouble Books @ Cranky's
OR Short Rabbits/User/The Ted Kennedys @ bela dubby
16 - Reverend Horton Heat/Cracker @ Beachland
19 - Jessica Lea Mayfield/The Futurebirds @ Beachland
21 - Mumford & Sons/The Middle East @ Beachland Ballroom OR Whiskey Daredevils/The Elks @ Beachland Tavern
22 - Prisoners/Rainy Day Saints/Kyle Sowashes @ Beachland (North Collinwood Cat Project benefit) OR Megan Zurkey @ Low Life Gallery OR Stupid Beautiful Heaven/Pale Hollow @ bela dubby
23 - Corey Fledman & the Truth Movement. (Yes, that Corey Feldman.)
26 - Besnard Lakes/Lighthouse & the Whaler/Land of Talk @ Beachland Ballroom OR White Rhino/All Dinosaurs/Spacer Ace @ Beachland Tavern
29 - GZA/Muamin Collective @ Grog Shop OR Freedom/Coffinberry/Uno Lady/Founding Fathers @ Now That's Class
30 - The Swell Season @ House of Blues
31 - Brian Jonestown Massacre @ Beachland OR Holy Fuck @ Grog Shop

2 - Morningbell @ Now That's Class
5 - The Very Knees/Tastycakes/Rebecca Nagle @ Beachland
6 - Pains of Being Pure at Heart/Surfer Blood @ Beachland
8 - Stars @ Beachland
9 - Caribou/Toro y Moi @ Grog Shop
10 - She & Him @ House of Blues
11 - First Aid Kit @ Grog Shop
12 - Freelance Whales/Peter Wolf Crier/Lighthouse & the Whaler @ Grog Shop
13 - The Spits/Nobunny/The Wooly Bullies @ Now That's Class
14 - Dutchess and the Duke @ Now That's Class
17 - Beach House @ Beachland
19 - Mates of State @ Grog Shop
21 - Tortoise @ Grog Shop
23 - Melvins @ Grog Shop
24 - Mono/Twilight Sad @ Grog Shop
25 - Two Man Gentleman Band @ Beachland OR Sisters of your Sunshine Vapor @ Now That's Class
26 - Waterloo Arts Fest (bands tba)
27 - Public Enemy @ House of Blues

29 - Woven Bones/CCR Headcleaner @ Now That's Class

14 - Kurt Vile/Real Estate @ Beachland
15 - Wolf Parade @ Beachland
22 - Lightning Bolt @ Grog Shop
24 - The Zookeepers/Netherfriends @ bela dubby
29 - Blitzen Trapper/Avi Buffalo @ Grog Shop

8 - Bear in Heaven @ Grog Shop