Friday, May 7, 2010

Tonight in Cleveland (5/7): This Moment in Black History/Knife the Symphony @ The Happy Dog

This Moment in Black History has just been killing it this year. A killer new record out, a triumphant tour to SXSW and back, and a slew of fantastic youtube concert promos. The artifact you see above is for tonight's show at The Happy Dog and I thought it was such a great riff on French New Wave cinema and silly 60s European revolutionary rhetoric that I had to put it up, even if I can't stand the opening band (hint: they are the ones not mentioned in the title of this post). So check out the show and get yourself a hot dog while you are at it. And if you happen to show up while the not-named-here contemporary indie version of Michael Stanley in the over-heated/over-rated Cleveland music love sweepstakes are playing, take a walk down the block and check out some of the gallery action that is populating Detroit these days.

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