Friday, May 21, 2010

Tonight in Cleveland (5/21): Whiskey Daredevils/The Elks at Beachland Tavern

Been a long week? Had a touch too much stress? In need of something that rocks but also might make you laugh (a lot)?

Boy are you in luck. For tonight, The Whiskey Daredevils and their frontman Greg Miiller's Lottery League band "The Elks" will play the Beachland Tavern joined by Canton rockabilly band Rumble Daddy. With this combination of The Whiskey Daredevils and America's #1 Lodge Rock band "The Elks", this should be a real winner. The Elks only have a 20 minute set, so get there early. It goes by fast and they play first. The Tavern shows have sold out the last two times the Daredevils have held them there, so buy your tix in advance if you want to make sure and be there.

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