Thursday, January 28, 2010

CB Q/A #32: Peter Silberman (The Antlers)

You gotta hand it to the folks at Musica in Akron. While it seems like the Beachland gets the bulk of the best indie shows that come through Northeast Ohio, with the Grog getting its share and the private schools lassoing those acts hungry for a fat guarantee, the folks in Akron have staged a coup or three and booked acts like Dinosaur Jr and Ra Ra Riot, prompting a temporary migration to Rubber City.

This Saturday marks another talent buyer score as acclaimed Brooklyn indie rock group The Antlers take the stage. Fronted by Peter Silberman and increasingly renowned for the beautiful quiet of their album Hospice, The Antlers visit Akron as they prepare to tour parts of North America and, later in the spring, western Europe.

In preparation for this visit, frontman Silberman recently took the time to participate in the following Q&A. Check it out ...

1) What were you listening to when you made Hospice?

I'm not sure anymore. I get confused about what I was listening to then and what I'm listening to now. There's a lot of records I used to listen to that I'm suddenly hearing very differently. I was listening to Dirty Three at some point.

2) What are your plans for 2010?

Recording and touring, touring in-between recording and recording in-between touring. Getting used to all of that.

3) Say it was your birthday and you could headline your dream bill. Who would open for you?

I don't think I'd want to headline my dream bill on my birthday. I would just love to see Portishead or Bjork.

4) Where did the concept that drives Hospice (a terminally ill yet abusive person to care for) come from?

The story is loosely autobiographical. Some of it's nightmares, and my memory of these things gets confounded with dreams I had after the fact. Now that the album's got legs, it's getting even more confusing for me.

5) What's the biggest difference, other than the live sound onstage, in having three members in the band instead of just you, as it was originally?

It feels like a team. Being in a band is about trusting people, being able to read one another's thoughts and act accordingly.

6) Any memorable previous Cleveland experiences?

We played at a college near Cleveland last time through. I think that might have been the first time our then-tourmates Holly Miranda and Timmy Mislock sang with us on stage.

To meet Peter and the rest of The Antlers, be sure to hit Musica in Akron on Saturday. Tickets are only $10 (and available here), doors open at 8, and opening acts Wild Boy of Averyon and Annabel do their thing shortly thereafter.

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