Friday, January 15, 2010

Tonight in Cleveland (1/15): Yeasayer Listening Party at Music Saves

I don't know if there is a new release out there in the indie rock world that has generated more buzz so far this year than the new Yeasayer album, Odd Blood. It is already garnering best of 2010 buzz, despite the fact that we aren't even halfway through the first month of the year, not to mention the album doesn't even officially drop until February.

While that alone is enough to beg critical commentary on the hype machine nature of independent music and the internet, it is also a pretty solid reflection of the fact that folks in the know expect big things from this band. And why not? Their last album, All Hour Cymbals, absolutely and entirely ruled, and from the sardine-tight confines when the Brooklyn trio played the Grog last summer, they know how to bring their skills on the road, too.

All this to say, consider yourself lucky that the indie rock gods have smiled upon the 216, as Music Saves has been chosen as one of only a handful of record stores nationwide to host an official Yeasayer listening party nearly four weeks early ... tonight. What makes it official? Well, as Team Music Saves says, the band's label, Secretly Canadian, has sent copies of the forthcoming LP to be sold early. Sweet, right? Well, only if you show up. So, you know, show up. Check out this post and video for a little more incentive.

The get down gets down at 7 PM, which'll leave plenty of time afterward to get over to the Grog for The Dutchess & the Duke. After all, Odd Blood is only 40 minutes long.

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