Saturday, January 2, 2010

Another interesting perspective on "sell-outs"

There Was No Shame in the “Sell-Out” Game Unlike those achingly principled ’90s grunge bands, artists in the aughts didn’t think twice about getting paid. Feist moved iPods, the Go Team sold Hondas, Of Montreal directed you to Outback Steakhouse, the Shins hawked Big Macs, and, more recently, that awesome Phoenix track made stodgy old Cadillacs seem rocking. Even Sonic Youth, the erstwhile defenders of artistic integrity, seemed not an ounce embarrassed by playing “Star Power” on a recent episode of “Gossip Girl.”

From this article.

I guess I like my art as art, not art as business. Clearly there is an eventual linkage between the two, but it'd be nice to see those indie bands that want us to see them as edgy artists being, well, a little more edgy and not so quick to get on the corporate teat.

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