Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Celluloid Bachelor #42: Oh No Ono "Swim"

Do you like art? How about pop music? What about Danish people?

If the answer to any of those three questions is a yes, you should check out Oh No Ono. If the answer to any two of those questions is yes, you'll most certainly like the band. If, somehow, you answered no to any of those questions, what the hell do you have against the Danes? I mean, unless you took Hamlet way too seriously, find radical egalitarianism offensive, or are just the kind of hater that is jealous of the happiest people in the world, there is no excuse. I'll grant you that the salty licorice is an acquired taste, but hardly a reason to write off an entire nation.

But we'll talk more about that at a later date. For now, it is my pleasure to introduce you to the latest video from Danish art pop sensations Oh No Ono. "Swim" is the second track on the band's Eggs release, and like "Helplessly Young," another Oh No Ono track I wrote about here, it is characterized by delightful quirky hooks and unbanishable melodies.

The video, directed by Copenhagen-native Adam Hashemi, is an oedipal horror-fantasy starring a young boy who accompanies his comely mother to work (she's a nurse), where he watches her undress, gets hit on by her sexy co-worker, and imagines she's making out with a dying elderly woman. Trust me, it is a lot cooler than it sounds, mostly because Hashemi has that certain type of retro presence in film that only seems to exist in Scandinavia.

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