Friday, January 22, 2010

Congratulations, Cleveland, We've Finally Made it!

Folks, the City of Cleveland has arrived. Or, at least, Kim Kardashian has.

(Photo credit: Kathleeen Murphy Colan)

I mean, the Kardashians don't just visit any city, right? That Barley House party was something special, a meaningful moment to reflect on the city's cultural ascendence. Moreover, in light of this development, all the hard work by cultural entrepreneurs across the city has come to fruition.

Now we can all retire.

Or so one might think, given all the breathless "reporting" of this celebrity visit.

Seriously, if the powers that be at the Plain Dealer would've spent 5% of the effort they gave covering this non-event on investigating the county corruption scandal, just imagine how things might be...

But enough of the cynicism. If you arrived at this page via google, you probably don't want to think about that. Instead, here is the link to the article. And the photo gallery. And the video coverage. And what was the live coverage. And the fancy image screen scrolling.

Who says journalism in Cleveland is dead?

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