Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Grilled Cheese Democracy

It has begun. The vote for which of the monthly specialty sandwiches to be added to the permanent Melt menu, that is.

Click here and engage in a little gastronomic participatory democracy. Unfortunately, my favorite monthly special sandwich - the Soul Vegetarian (with, ahem, breaded chicken added on) - is not among the options, but the four choices you do have are good. I dug, to varying degrees, each of them, so I'll be happy regardless of whether The Godfather, the Reuben Melt, the My Big Fat Gyro Melt, or the Mom's Meatloaf Dinner sandwich makes the cut.

For the record, I voted for the gyro sandwich, though I vacillated between that and the reuben for quite a while. If you aren't a Melt regular, but you love voting, I'd appreciate it if you cast a ballot for one of those two. Grassy ass.


Bob Ignizio said...

This is much better than voting for candidates in a real election. Sandwiches never make promises they don't keep.

CB said...

Totally. Keep the change, just give me the cheese.