Monday, December 14, 2009

Proper Noun Recruitment Drive

Hey pals,

Wanna help your old buddy CB out with something? Huh? Huh? Do ya?

Seriously, this won't be hard. As I finish out the year with the remaining proper noun Q&As I have left to post and look to 2010, I'm looking for help in identifying some good folks. I have a bunch of ideas, but given that I'll probably post somewhere between three and four dozen over the year, I could use way more.

So, here's where you come in. Who would you like to be interviewed? Or who do you think is doing something interesting in town and deserves a little attention?

To help you out, I've listed out the 22 people who have already participated below. Obviously, we aren't gonna want to do any repeats. At least not yet.

Feel free to put suggestions in the comments section or send me an email at



PS - Here is the list of folks who have participated so far, in chronological order:

Frank Revy, Bill Rupnik, Mina Hoyle, Brendan Walton, Leia Alligator, Arabella Proffer, Becca Riker, Greg Ruffing, Mallorie Freeman, Dave Desimone, J.R. Bennett, Jeff & Mike from CLE Clothing Co, Paulius Nasvytis, Lawrence Daniel Caswell, Curtis Thompson, John Ewing, Shannon Okey, John G, Sean Bilovecky, Troy Schwartz, Dana Depew, and Fred Wright.

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Wred Fright said...

Joan Southgate is a pretty fascinating Clevelander ( Derf, Harvey Pekar, Mike DeCapite, Erin O'Brien, Elias Newton, Kill The Hippies, Ken Picklesimer, John Panza, Burning River Roller Girls, Jason Pettigrew, the various local pro wrestlers in the area such as J.T. Lightning, and some others come to mind too, but I'll stop here. Thanks again for the interview!