Friday, December 11, 2009

Celluloid Bachelor #13: A Great Lakes Christmas Ale Tribute

You want indie? We'll keep it real indie. And local. Indie and local. This music video is like a e-dream!

What video is that, you ask? Why, this little homemade ditty extolling the virtues (and dangers) of Great Lakes Brewing Company's famous limited release Christmas Ale, the liquid pride and pitfall of Clevelanders everywhere.

The song itself is simple, a funny Irish-style swayer. It is the video that entices me, with its bright Public Square shots, the fun crowd interactions (filmed at bela dubby), and bar scenes mixed throughout. (Note: I find myself wondering what bar(s) these shots are from - anyone know?) All in all, it is a good Cleveland moment - a little more timid and restrained than the original Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video series, but a counter-revolutionary comic love song all the same.

So, as the wise troubadors recommend, "Let's get drunk on Christmas Ale." Because, you know, oh my god, that shit is strong.

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