Thursday, December 10, 2009

Are you ready for the December CB Show of the Month?

It's that time of the month again...who's ready to hear about this month's Cleveland Bachelor Show of the Month? I know I am.

Once again, John G. has outdone himself creating the poster for the show - you can read all about how he created this one by clicking here. Seriously, you should check it out. I've learned a ton about executing artistic vision by reading John's poster explainers.

You'll notice that our hero from the last poster has returned and is featured prominently on this one, trading his nachos in November for a milkshake from UDF in December. Hey - nobody ever said our hero engages in seasonally appropriate cuisine. In fact, take it from me - he does not.

As cool as the poster is, I'm just as excited about the line-up. Although they've since mostly disbanded and scattered, Bears was maybe the biggest indie bands in town when I first moved here, and since then Unsparing Sea and The Modern Electric have each turned into bands I have a lot of respect and appreciation for. Those three bands on a single bill alone would be more than enough to get my pulse jumping, but then you consider that this is the Beachland's pre-holiday bash and there will be four other bands playing the tavern side all night, including Mystery of Two, All Dinosaurs, Terminal Lovers, and Shit Slicer.

Just like last month, there will be more info about the show and the participating bands coming in the next couple weeks. For now, though, mark your calendars:

December 23rd, 9 PM (Doors at 8), $7

It'll be a Cleveland Christmas Party, Indie Rock Style

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