Thursday, December 3, 2009

Eliven Up!

I don't know if anything makes me happier than being able to write things about my friends that are nice AND true. Well, I take that back - I know that buffalo wings make me happier, and probably chili dogs, too. But being able to brag on folks I like and respect is pretty darn good, and this FRIDAY'S exhibit opening at Low Life gives me occasion to do that times three.

In addition to giving a shout-out to gallery owner Dave Desimone for putting together yet another strong show, I can also give a virtual salute to two friends and fellow residents of the 'wood, Bridget Caswell and Sunia Boneham. The two are collaborating on an exhibit titled "Eliven" that showcases Caswell's photography and Boneham's installation work.

Being the sneaky neighborhood rat that I am, I managed to get a sneak peak of this one after brunch the other day while all the folks listed above were working on hanging the show and I can say I came away impressed. Boneham's installation work is on the surface consistent piece after piece, but with a closer look you will see considerable difference and novelty in each work. Caswell's photography comes from two different shoots, and I'm torn at which I love more. I think, though, the image on the exhibit insert (see below) is my favorite of all, though many are wonderful.

Catch the show opening on Friday 12/4 from 6-10 PM at Low Life Gallery (16001 Waterloo Road).

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