Saturday, December 12, 2009

Celluloid Bachelor #14: Citay's "Eye on the Dollar"

I don't know if they were the ones who invented it (knowing them, they probably were), but since moving to Cleveland I've adopted wholeheartedly a brand new holiday as one of my favorites ... Indie Orthodox New Year.

What the heck is Indie Orthodox New Year? Funny you should ask ... it is the day the indie labels begin releasing new music again in earnest following the slowdown that occurred the previous few months as the preceding year wound down. Lots of interesting things come out and, with the way Music Saves plays host that day, it becomes a great party, as notable for getting to score new awesome music as for seeing your fellow music lovers, many of whom you might not have come into contact with for a while as the winter hibernation sets in.

This year, Kevin and Melanie have some help with getting me excited for the Indie Orthodox holiday. San Francisco retro-indie rockers Citay are releasing their third album, Dream Get Together (Dead Oceans), and everything I've heard from the Led Zep meets Phoenix sounding troupe so far has me shivering with anticipation. (That or the shitty heating system my apartment has, the one my landlord "fixed" by hitting it with a hammer.) You can read a different blurb I wrote over at Citizen Dick and download one of the tracks (legally, no less) here, if you want to test my judgment. Or you can just watch the video below, which features a different track off the album. Either way, I should see you on January 26th at Music Saves - even if Citay isn't your cup of tea, something else coming out that day will be, most definitely.

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