Saturday, December 19, 2009

The week ahead: 12/20-12/26 (The Christmas Goodness edition)

As I write this post, the first real snowfall of the winter is beginning. Sure, we aren't getting destroyed like the mid-Atlantic region is (though something similar will surely visit us sooner or later over the course of the next 100 days), but we do have a good couple of days of on and off fluffy flake droppage to look forward to (or, in my case, not).

The rest of the week is mostly supposed to continue apace, with temps in the thirties and a fluffy flake here and there. And then, of course, there is Christmas, where depending on your family, your likelihood of having to tolerate a fluffy flake or two dramatically increases.

Between now and that Christian appropriation of the holiday in honor of Roman Sun God Sol Invictus and after that day that comes before Boxing Day, however, there are plenty of opportunities to have some fluffy flake-free fun, especially if you like your fun to come with a dose of the rock.

Sunday, 12/20
- One thing has been on my calendar for this day all month long and one thing only: the CIA Cinematheque's screening of Bronson, a Clockwork Orange-esque interpretation of the life of one of Britain's most notorious (and notoriously violent) prisoners, Michael Peterson aka "Charles Bronson. This thing looks wild, riotous even. I can't wait.

Monday, 12/21
- One of my favorite people in Cleveland, Lawrence Daniel Caswell, puts his DJ Racecard hat on and co-presents a night of soul music at the Beachland with Beachland co-owner and record collector extraordinaire Mark Leddy (aka DJ Mr Fishtruck). I can't dance (I never could dance, I never will dance, etc.), but if any event gets my toes a tappin' and my booty movin', it is one of these Downtown Soulville parties. Also, this mother is FREE.

Tuesday, 12/22 - Another night at the Beachland is in store for you tonight, especially as the management there has capitalized on an early evening private party featuring Cincinnati's Wussy and booked the band, led by former Ass Pony Chuck Cleaver, to play a bargain basement $5 show in the Tavern. People are still getting over the band's show the last time they ran through Clevo, so this should be a good one, and in a perfectly intimate venue, to boot.

Wednesday, 12/23 - It Is Here. The Day Of The Week You All Have Been Waiting For. No, not Christmas, you nerd; I'm talking about the Cleveland Bachelor December Show of the Month! Bears, Unsparing Sea, The Modern Electric, Mystery of Two, Terminal Lovers, All Dinosaurs, and Shit Slicer. Both rooms at the Beachland, a mere seven bucks. Be there or I'll never speak to you again.

Thursday, 12/24 - tba

Friday, 12/25 - It's Christmas! Which means, aside from the presents and familial tension, you also have some Cleveland-style rock and roll to look forward to at the Grog Shop. Featuring a headlining Chargers Street Gang reunion show, you'll also be treated to sets by Sun God, Self Destruct Button,and one of my favorite new bands of 2009, Founding Fathers. Expect drunken santas, new sweaters, and the rock fist.

Saturday, 12/26 - tba. Seriously, a Saturday night, and I have no idea what's going down. Any tips?

Other stuff to keep your eye on the following week:
- 12/27 - The Alarm Clocks @ Beachland
- 12/28 - Texas A&M vs Georgia in the Independence Bowl!
- 12/29 - The Sex Crimes reunion show @ Beachland
- 12/30 - The Cowslingers reunion show @ Beachland (tickets going very fast on this one!)
- 1/1 - Solo artist festival @ Beachland ($1 only!)
- 1/2 - Music Saves Brit Pop Night @ Beachland
- 1/2 - 2010 screens @ Cedar-Lee Cult Night

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