Thursday, December 10, 2009

Keep it classy, Cleveland

When was the last time you thought of the words "drunken brawl" and "Playhouse Square" together?

'Wicked' actors don't let scuffle stop Ohio show

Actors in the Broadway smash "Wicked" didn't let screaming and swearing in the audience ruin their performance in Ohio.

The show's tour manager, Steve Quinn, says a drunken brawl broke out Tuesday night at a performance in Cleveland. He says understudy Kaye Clark, who was playing the green witch named Elphaba (EHL'-fuh-buh) was on stage during one of the show's quietest moments when the scuffle started.

Clark broke into the song "I'm Not That Girl" and kept on singing even as police handcuffed and removed a screaming woman.

The audience gave Clark a standing ovation.

Police say a rowdy audience member was charged with felonious assault for attacking an officer.


Cookbook said...

You know, in my experience, the crowds at Playhouse Square can be super-rude. When I saw Neko Case there earlier this year, she stopped the show because of some hecklers then had them escorted out by security. And then at Leonard Cohen in October I was seated in front of some dudes who BOOed Cohen's female backup singers' solo sets. Wonder what it is.

CB said...
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CB said...

You know, though, that's what you get for democratizing "high" culture. You bring the huddled masses somewhere, they act like the huddled masses. And Wicked is to theater as Twilight is to literature. So I'm not surprised that such disturbances occur.

Then again, people forget that shit was insane at original Shakespeare productions, too. The groundlings would have hookers working the area!