Saturday, December 12, 2009

The week ahead: 12/13-12/19 (CB stretching out on the couch edition)

It feels good to be a Clevelander this week, doesn't it? I mean, we beat the Steelers - that's enough to qualify for good spirits the rest of the month, but as we get neck deep in the holiday season we also get to find reasons to spend time with those we dig in a little more festive way than usual. For me, like for just about everyone else reading this, the next couple weeks will be spent hitting up this holiday party or that, seeing folks you might see all the time, but under different circumstances. Make the most of the gleeful spirit - and if it is more glum than gleeful, carry a flask to dump in the punch and glee that shit up!

While you aren't hitting up various holiday events, there are a whole bunch of things to do in town. Here's my greatest hits for the coming week.

Sunday, 12/13 - Be sure to catch the second and final day of Bazaar Bizarre at the 78th Street studios. Check out more information here and read my Proper Noun conversation with the Cleveland organizer, Shannon Okey, here.

Later, catch Northeast Ohio's up-and-coming Jessica Lea Mayfield as she plays with Frontier Ruckus and Beaten Awake (whose own Fat Possum album caught a lot of positive attention this year) at the Grog.

Monday, 12/14 - tba

Tuesday, 12/15 - tba

Wednesday, 12/16 - We are sticking with the Beachland the rest of this week, but while the next couple of nights feature rocking, this one is for the more artfully inclined. And, of course, those who dig burlesque shows. As always, Dr Sketchy's links the two together in a bawdy and brilliant way, and tonight the cabaret life drawers feature a very special holiday event. Click here for more info about the event and the inspiration.

Thursday, 12/17 - A couple of Ohio bands that are getting some great buzz are playing the Beachland tonight - be sure to hit the Suede Brothers/Oxford Cotton show; all ages show, $6, doors at 8:30. Expect a hard blues sound with some Greenhornes meets Heartless Bastards - mostly since members of both bands feature in the Oxford Cotton line-up!

Friday, 12/18 - Another night, another solid rock show at the Beachland featuring a buzz-worthy Ohio indie rock band. This time, it is Barberton's The Woovs. So far, they've garnered comparisons to Train and the Rolling Stones, but the best way I think to describe them is as a band that plays stretched out rock, equally influenced by classic rock and world music. My, that sounds terrible, doesn't it? Well, think that description, but in a good way you can't quite imagine yet.

Saturday, 12/19 - By now you should be ready for a solid night of rock. You've been to the Beachland two nights in a row, so you can find the bathroom with your eyes closed (not a bad idea, but not necessary - this isn't the filthy Grog, after all), know where to stash your coat, and the bartender is vaguely familiar with your face so you should get served promptly, if nothing else. All this is good, because tonight is the Cleveland iteration of one of the finest - nay, the finest - cultural tradition shared between the Plum and Rubber cities. Yes, tonight is the latest in a series of sponsored shows between Cleveland's Music Saves and Akron's Square Records. The annual gift exchange show features performances by two bands from each city. This year, Cleveland is represented by Casual Encounters and Shiny Penny, while Talons and The Walkies hold down the Akron slots. The show takes place at Akron's Musica venue on Friday if that is closer or you want a double dose of Quad-style NEO Rock.

If for some ridiculous reason you are all rocked out by Saturday, there is another, more sporty option. CSU's basketball program is hosting a doubleheader, the John McLendon Classic, named in honor of the legendary coach who spent some time at the helm of the CSU program in the late 1960s before eventually becoming an NBA coach for the Denver Nuggets (then known as the Rockets). This is a big event for Cleveland State, partly because thanks to McLendon's fame they are able to score home games against major NCAA programs. This year, the men's team is hosting West Virginia, while the women are playing Indiana. You can get tickets for both games - and a bonus tailgate event - for a mere pittance. Check out this link for more information.

Other stuff to keep your eye on the following week:
- 12/20 - Bronson screens at the CIA Cinematheque
- 12/23 - CB's DECEMBER SHOW OF THE MONTH (Bears/Unsparing Sea/The Modern Electric/Mystery of Two/All Dinosaurs/Shit Slicer at the Beachland)
- 12/25 - Christmas at the Grog Shop (Chargers Street Gang, Sun God, Founding Fathers, Self Destruct Button)
- 12/27 - The Alarm Clocks at the Beachland
- 12/29 - The Sex Crimes reunion show at the Beachland
- 12/30 - The Cowslingers reunion show at the Beachland

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