Thursday, December 17, 2009

Terminal Lovers and the Cope Treatment

Here's the great thing about friends. Or rather, A great thing about friends. Especially ones that dig rock. When you are all stoked about the first four bands on a seven-band bill, they let you know that the other ones rule, too.

Take, for example, my much ballyhooed CB December Show of the Month. I've already told you how geeked I am to see The Modern Electric and Unsparing Sea, and I'm pretty pumped to hear Bears do their indie pop thing while Mystery of Two gets their punk on. I didn't really think too much about the other three bands on the bill - not out of disrespect, but just because after being stoked about four bands on one night, that's really all I needed.

Which is when my pal Ed, who pens the increasingly awesome Beachland Blog, points out I should be just as pumped, if not more so, about the fact that Terminal Lovers, with their legendary frontman Dave Cintron, are also gonna be on that stage. He then goes on to point out that the band has previously received what I call the Julian Cope Treatment. Read through that rant and you'll start to figure out the brilliance of Cintron and company. You'll have to see the real deal live to get the full scope, or so Brother Ed tells me.

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