Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tonight in Cleveland - December 10th Edition

[Potter-Belmar Labs at work (detail); Photo by Julia Rearden]

SPACES, Cleveland's superior modern art institution, is hosting an interesting experimental cinema event tonight.

Performing together since 2001, is one part new media art, one part DJ and VJ performance, and one part experimental cinema.

Potter-Belmar Labs, consisting of Leslie Raymond & Jason Jay Stevens, presents a live mix of music and video projection. Both artists perform from laptop computers augmented by external digital devices used to manipulate their palette of images and sounds. Their experiments include audience participation, thematic collage, and narrative deconstruction.

PBL fashions cinematic tapestry as they go, weaving field recordings, braiding threads of media heritage, through a lacework of their own rich sound and image compositions.

Check out the clip below to see a performance Potter-Belmar Labs gave in Buffalo in August.

The get-down gets down TONIGHT at SPACES (2220 Superior Viaduct) at 6:30 PM. Oh, best of all, this shindig is FREE.

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