Thursday, December 3, 2009

Love Indie Rock? How about saving money?

If the answer to both questions above is 'yes' you ought to be getting yourself to Music Saves pronto. This week, they have been offering 50% off all used cds in a week-long run up to their annual holiday sale, scheduled for SATURDAY from 12-5 PM.

On Saturday, you'll be able to score 10% off anything in the store (except turntables, gift cards, or Vinyl the Cat; Timployee, however, may be a different story). Considering that the store's prices are usually about five bucks less than what you'd pay at one of the chain stores (which wouldn't carry most of the awesome stuff Kevin & Melanie stock anyway), this is a pretty fair deal for y'all. What do you say - wanna help the dynamic duo part with some merch as they prepare to install a brand-new inventory system for the start of 2010? They'll reward coffee and, knowing Melanie, donuts if you do!

Plus, while you are in the neighborhood on Saturday, you might as well stick around for awhile, since the Beachland will be hosting one of their Rock & Roll Flea Markets from 12-4:30 PM and the soon-to-be-world-famous Shoparooni Art Bomb will kick off that day, as well.

What more reason do you need to come on down to Waterloo?

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