Monday, November 3, 2008

Things I don't want to do by myself.

Hey all - There are tons of cool things coming up that I plan/hope/want to check out. Some/Most are things I don't mind doing solo, but there are others I'm eager to check out with someone else.

So, in the interest of comradeship and plain old being creepy, let me know if anyone is into checking out the following:

- The Asterisk Born & Bred show on either Friday 11/7 or Saturday 11/8.
- Christmas on Mars (by the Flaming Lips) at the CIA on Sunday 11/9 - I have an extra ticket I'm happy to give you for free.
- Check out Sukiyaki Western Django @ the CIA Cinematheque on Sunday 11/16
- Soviet film double feature on Tuesday 12/4 ("Walking the Streets of Moscow" and "July Rain") at ... where else ... the CIA Cinematheque
- Comedians from "Stella" at the House of Blues on Sunday 12/7


Bridget Callahan said...

Don't know about the CIA show, but the Beachland is doing a free screening of Christmas On Mars on 11/11.

CB said...

Yeah, I saw that. Unfortunately not until after I had purchased 2 tix online. Oh well. I'll probably hit up the Beachland screening, too, as it seems like it'll be a good party.