Saturday, November 8, 2008

What a week, Part 1: Prologue

Man, this week was something else. Obviously, Tuesday night was the emotional climax, but this whole week was a scene of one thing crashing into another. Finally, last night I didn't have anything to do and this morning I didn't have a need to wake up early for anything, so, well, the batteries had a chance to recharge.

I spent most of today watching a Law & Order marathon and catching up on work stuff on my laptop. Later, I'm gonna meet up with some friends in Tremont, grab some dinner, and check out the show at Asterisk. Tomorrow, more work in the daytime, then meeting up with another friend for a bite and a screening of Christmas on Mars at the CIA. Maybe, if I find the time, I'll check out the screening of One Bad Cat there in the afternoon, too.

So, point is, some fun stuff to do the rest of the weekend, but more importantly, low key, low energy stuff. The last several days have been exciting enough.

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