Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving in Space

Remember when we were little and thought being in space was the coolest thing ever? I remember one of the things I always wondered about was food. This was primarily driven by the time one of my dad's friends brought my brother and I some of that dehydrated ice cream stuff that astronauts eat. I remember it was neopolitan. I also remember that one day I thought I spied one of my brother's last pieces sitting on his dresser and after he fell asleep (we shared a room), I snuck down from the top bunk and snagged it. I got back to my bed, proud of my thieving abilities, popped it in my mouth, and immediately upon biting down realized it was a piece of pink chalk. That sucked.

Even still, I still wonder about food in space. Apparently many other people do, too, as the AP put an interesting explainer story out today. Check it out here.


Mel said...

I have an entirely different set of taste buds than you, apparently.

That Neapolitan stuff was highly coveted in my household between sisters after COSI camp. I think I still have cravings for it -- good thing the Science Center sells it in the gift shop!

CB said...

No, I wasn't criticizing the neapolitan - I really liked it. I actually bit down on a real piece of chalk because it looked like the dehydrated ice cream stuff.

Matt said...

MMMMM, dehydrated ice cream. MMMMM

Chalk. Ick.


Mel said...

I had to go back and read this. I get the chalk-eating portion of the story that I missed the first time around. I promise I was not drunk at work.

Now? Well, that's a different story.