Saturday, November 22, 2008

Beautiful Losers and other art stuff

Last night I met up with a couple folks and checked out the documentary Beautiful Losers at the Cinematheque.

That film is really quite something. If you are into lowbrow art or skater stuff or grafitti or whatever, you should make time in your schedule to check it out on Sunday night, the next and last time it plays.

I'm really glad we went, as it was the best culture documentary I've seen in some time. Afterward we grabbed a drink at the Barking Spider, talked about pop art and the Obama campaign, cemeteries in Boston, the difficulty in finding good vets, and that's about it. After the first round, we all decided to head home, and wandered back over to the CIA lot where our cars were buried under an inch or so of the evil winter white stuff.

The rest of the weekend is chill. Heading over to the MOCA event this afternoon, then probably kicking it at home tonight, though if I get antsy I can trudge through the snowfall to grab a drink somewhere on Lee Road. Tomorrow I might check out Nicholas & Alexandra at the CMA, though that all depends on what time I wake up tomorrow, it being a no-alarm-clock-day and all.

More immediately, however, I'm now going to go turn on the shower, lie down in the tub, and wait for the hot water to turn gradually lukewarm, popping up at the (hopefully) perfect moment where it is not yet too cold to bathe comfortably.

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