Sunday, November 16, 2008

Boston, Part 2: Surviving the Trip to Beantown

My departure to Boston was an exercise in poor planning and an inability to pay attention to little things. I put in a morning of work and, around 1:30, headed home to pick up my beloved dogder and transport her to the home of my friends that would be watching her this weekend.

I got home, finished packing, collected my doggie things, and started to load up the car. In doing so, I managed to fit to pack black dress shoes and a black belt. Worse yet, I set the bag of dog stuff on my trunk and then drove off with it still sitting there. About half way to Lakewood, where my friends live, I realized I wasn't wearing a coat. Real smart, considering I'm leaving for Boston in November. It isn't till I'm getting my dog out of the backseat in my friends' drive-way that I realize the dogfood is also missing.

I apologize to my friends and they agree to take care of the food problem until I get back. I then head over to Hopkins, hitting up the K-mart on Warren Road for a superb $10 fleece jacket. Naturally, Boston was in the mid-60s all weekend, making the jacket necessary, but now I have something new and cheap to add to my unnecessary clothing collection.

I get on the flight and, as always, immediately fall asleep, waking only as I feel the wheels touch down in Philly, wander to my new gate, board, pass out again, and wake up in Boston. As I'm checking in to the hotel, my friend Jose walks up, we check in and then grab beers at a couple nearby bars, Kennedy's and the Hub Pub. Neither were super exciting in and of themselves, but it was good to see one of my closest friends and catch up over some Harpoon IPAs.

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