Wednesday, November 26, 2008

R.I.P. Zima

Zima is dead. Read all about it here.

I was 16 when Zima hit the market, the age where you first start segueing as a non/barely-drinker from "girly" drinks to beer. I remember, as the article suggests, the gender implications of being called a Zima drinker and am still proud to admit it was never in my early drinking repertoire, although I admit with shame that Boone's Farm (Strawberry Hill, baby!) and MD 20/20 (kiwi-lime almost every time) were.

I will admit, though, that over the years I drank several Zimas here and there, often at the end of a night when it was the only thing left in the cooler. I never, at least not that I remember, did the green jolly rancher thing. Though I bet it was cool. Just don't admit it to me if you did, as you will be judged. Harshly.


Bridget Callahan said...

There is no way you can judge if MD 20/20 has EVER passed your lips, ESPECIALLY kiwi lime. Everyone knows that purple was the bad ass color.

I am being defensive here for no reason in particular.

Mel said...

Snow Creek Berry was my favorite Boone's. And my nickname was Maddog in high school (story will go to my grave LOL).

Also in my high school, we had to drive over the PA border for Zima. And everyone in said high school party was convinced that because it was clear, we would not be caught with a BAC. And for some reason, this was why it was illegal to purchase in the State of Ohio. Seriously.

Ashtabula was awesome.

Kelly and José said...

My roommate in college used to put Jolly Ranchers in his Zimas, we used to make fun of him for this. He still can't drink beer like a man he loves mike hard, any kind of cider beer etc. He and some of my other friends to drink St. Ide's special brew. that stuff was just disgusting