Monday, November 10, 2008


It started snowing last night. It is still (kinda) snowing this morning. And cold enough in my apartment that I made the executive decision to wear my winter coat today.

I'm typing up this blog from my living room because I obviously am not yet psychologically prepared to put that thing on. My throat is a little constricted just thinking about it.

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Christine said...

don't panic! winter is not armageddon!

the most important thing I learned from living in Montana is that yes, you CAN go outside in the winter. And you probably should. Invest in some longjohns - LL Bean sells some good ones made out of silk, which is good because it doesn't feel like you're wearing two pairs of pants.

Also be advised that apart from the big blizzard, last winter was nothing in comparison to the Cleveland winters of my youth. Global warming seems to have its benefits.