Monday, November 10, 2008

winterization help needed

OK, really, one last quick hit before I go to work. (Boo.)

I desperately need to winterize this mother of an apartment I have. There are good and bad things about this place, and one of the good things is the number of large windows. That is also bad, though, as there are no window coverings preventing heat from escaping.

So.... can anyone think of any other winterization tips for the home? I have a hardwood floor, so I'm guessing picking up some rugs would be smart. Getting some drapes or something for said windows would also be smart. Any other tips for keeping home warm on the cheap (without looking like an interior designer from the Victorian age)?

I thank you, my shivering pup thanks you, my bank account balance most definitely thanks you.

OK, as promised, off to work.

Happy Monday! (ugh)


bonnjill said...

I rent the top half of a century home and it leaks like a sieve. I swear by the plastic that you use a hairdryer to shrink for a tighter fit. You can get them at any K-Mart or Target store. The only problem is that they leave residue and pull off the paint of the window frame, so you might want to consider shelling out a couple extra bucks and get the ones that have a plastic track.

Here's a link to the subject:
And another good list of tips:

Stephanie said...

I like this cling film to insulate windows (although you can't beat a pair of lined drapes - even tacking up fabric in front of windows helps):

We also swear by really good house slippers, like these, because our floor isn't insulated:

Bridget Callahan said...

Seriously, its a fact of life in NE Ohio that you put plastic on the windows.

Also, have you checked to make sure all your storm windows are on?

And buy some nylons, stuff them with rags, maybe put some googly eyes on them (we used to make snakes out of them), jam them under all outside access doors to the hallway.

paulius said...

i found putting insulating sponge-tape on the windows -where they meet to help a lot.

wagonswest said...

if your apartment has new storm windows, that's already a big plus (ours are ancient, nonexistent barriers against the cold) - heavy drapes should help. (am not into the tape, as it pulls off the paint).

do you own a space heater? they're relatively cheap, and you can bring them into any room - helps reduce overall heating costs. plus, i find my cat snoring next to it most of the day - your dog might like it!

paulius said...

yeah, a space heater is a good idea. I have no heat in the office and a little spaceheater made with porcelain gizmos is perfect. It's a big room too. Avoid the ones that are just heated wire coils, anf DO NOT BUY the oil filled radiators. I saw one blow up in the same room I was in once. Boiling oil flew EVEREYWHERE. Lucky no one was seriously hurt. They were eventually recalled, but I wouldnt risk it.

Kelly and José said...

It's amazing what creating a "warm ambiance" will do to make you feel warm:
-Floor lamp
-NO overhead lighting

It's also worth the slight investment to get a super plush blanket to throw over your couch -- ZGallery and Pottery Barn have ones that won't fall apart while adding some color/character to your room. Also, Target has really lovely fleece blankets "on the cheap" :)