Sunday, November 9, 2008

Vintage Tremont

Headed over to Tremont last night, caught a meal of mediocre Mexican and froze my ass off while we hiked across the neighborhood. Still, it was good company and I had a nice mellow time.

Best of all was the stop at Asterisk, where proprietor Dana Depew was sponsoring a 2-day show for younger artists around town. Some of the work was interesting and all of it was inexpensive, but nothing really struck my fancy. I did, however, pick up a copy of Parker Amsel's new poetry volume. And a Nixon/Agnew wood banner that Dana had built/painted for the political show last month. Thanks again for that, man!

Even better than any of that, he showed me the progress he's been making on this month's show, which opens on Friday. It breaks my heart that I'm going to be in Boston and unable to attend. This show will absolutely rival last month's and, for that matter, anything else he's done in the last 1.5 years since I moved up here. (Note: This is a reflection of how great his upcoming show appears to be, not negative commentary on anything he's already done.)

So, anyway, my point: On Friday, November 14th, take yourself to Tremont. Check out the show at Asterisk. Drink a couple beers and put a few bucks in the donation jar. Make a reservation at one of the places on this list and enjoy a $30 dinner at a local independent. FYI - The 14th is the last night of this event.

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