Monday, November 10, 2008


Question for you readers out there ...

Where do you set your heat for your homes? Last year I waged a quite successful war against turning on the heat, but it really sucked and would be impossible to replicate because now, instead of living in a mid-sized apartment building, I live in the 2nd floor of an otherwise empty duplex.

Anyway, I'm sucking it up and expecting large-ish gas bills this winter, but I have no idea what a reasonable winter setting is. Before casting stones, keep in mind that last year I didn't turn it on, except for in isolated very cold afternoons, and prior to that I lived in Texas for several years. In fact, thinking about it now, the last time I lived in a place where I could control the heat setting, it was my parents house during high school. And I'm not about to call them, saying, "Mommy - how do I work the heater?" They have little enough respect for me as it is.

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Rosemarie said...

I feel where you are coming from. I don't like to turn on my heat, but when I do, it is either 60 or 62 degrees. I also have quite a few electric space heaters (which your dog will really enjoy!) which is nice in rooms with tall ceilings. I turn them on in whatever room I'm in and keep the heat either low, or off.
Another piece of advice for the future, never rent ANY apartment on the east side that doesn't include heat. That old architecture is beautiful to look at, but hard as hell on your gas bill.