Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Even I can't fool myself

I don't know what I was thinking, really.

I was watching this movie that ended at 8:10. Another one was supposed to start around 9. I thought this would be plenty of time to walk down Lee Road, gathering to-go menus from the various eateries around my 'hood, before ending at the Chinese place at the corner of Cedar and Lee.

It, of course, didn't work out that way. I decided to take a right turn out of my driveway, and then, once getting on Lee, walked down to Taste, a new restaurant (within the last week or so), asked for a menu to take home with me, and ordered a drink so I wouldn't look like a total loser.

That drink, well, it was the beginning of the end.

Next, I hit up Brennan's Colony. I ordered a beer, and started eavesdropping on these two girls that were both engaged and both rethinking their engagements. One was leaning toward going through with it, the other was all but certain that she would be ending it that night. The one who was planning to end it was also eating Buffalo Wings, which I took as a sign, as it is my favorite food.

I tried some low-grade flirtation, which immediately failed, and went back to surfing the web on my phone. Eventually 3 more beers came and went, and I placed an order for both buffalo wings AND a buffalo sandwich. By the time my vision was getting blurry, my food arrived, and I paid my tab and headed home in the cold.

My walk home was odd. Sure, I was buzzed, but I also saw a lot of stuff that shouldn't have been going on on a cold winter's night, including a neighbor lady standing in her driveway and puking and a neighbor dude (from a different house) raking the snow in his lawn. I'm not yet sure about the neighborhood in which I have become the newest resident.

Anyway, I make it home, scarf the majority of my food (a testament to my gluttony, if nothing else), watch the end of the running Law & Order episode, and prepare for bed. Tomorrow I have to work, though with the hangover I am likely to experience, well, it probably won't be a very promising day.

I have no doubt I'll be regretting those beers, but especially the doubling-down upon Buffalo Americana, in the A.M.


Christine said...

nobody drunk-blogs like the cleveland bachelor!

Matt said...

I was appalled by your FB update last night regarding the engaged ladies. Yuck.

Sounds like you got some good beers and food out of it all!!

Hope today isn't too rough!


Kelly and José said...

Haha -- this might be slightly heartless, but I totally laughed when you mentioned the old lady you saw barfing in her yard. . .

btw - it's crazy how many people I know that have been engaged and then end up breaking it off. A sign of the times, but I see it as a good thing no less*


CB said...

Yeah, the engagement breaking thing seems to be increasingly common. I think it is because folks are getting married later in life than in previous generations, and that getting engaged is the new "Going Steady" of our grandparents age.