Saturday, November 8, 2008

What a week, Part 5: Epilogue

Woke up on Friday totally wiped out. I got very little sleep, was emotionally and physically drained from Tuesday and Wednesday evening, respectively, and just had to survive a half-dozen hours of routine work stuff before I could get home. I did it. Thank god. And now I'm off to grab a shower, then head over to Tremont for some culture and Mexican food.

Speaking of which - this goes out to you Cleveland: I know it is unfair to judge your south-of-the-border cuisine after moving here from Texas, but you are so far 0 for eternity. Not counting Momocho, but that high-end stuff doesn't count.

Tonight, La Tortilla Feliz or whatever gets it chance. Let's have a happy ending, ok?


Bridget Callahan said...

I used to live in Phoenix, and Phoenix beats Texas on Mexican, and Texas beats Georgia on Mexican, and Georgia beats you are 4 degrees away from anything resembling good Mexican. The OLD La Tortilla Feliz was fantastic. But now they've added blueberry jalapeno mojitos and taken away the joy.

I like Luchitas on W. 117th.

CB said...

Yeah, La Tortilla Feliz was not excellent. Nor would I really call it Mexican (except for the awful decor). Still searching. I'll keep an eye out for Luchita's.

brandi said...

Have you tried Nuevo Acapulco? It's yummy!

bonnjill said...

I second the suggestion for Luchita's. They have opened up satellites in Hudson, Mentor and Elyria, but the quality is still there and it is a locally owned "chain." I know the family and Luchita and can vouch for the authenticity. I recommend the ceviche. It is highly addictive!!!

thatgirl said...

Luchita's on 117th is excellent. If you're looking for a good inexpensive eat that's a little further south than Mexico, check out La Casa Tazumal on West 105th. You have to pretty much order in Spanish, but it's incredibly good.

Matt said...

CB - El Jalapeno's on W 117th in Lakewood rules.

We'll have to gather a group together for some grub one of these days..