Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Something for you to read, part 11

Even better than the Emanuel piece, or maybe just totally different in terms of subject and perspective, is this New York Magazine take on Rachel Maddow, the very very very best pundit on TV.

I have such a geek crush on her, it isn't funny.


Alexa said...

hey there! have you gotten my email about the blogger meet up next week. wanna come?

email me if you do!

clevelandsaplum at gmail dot com

CB said...

Hi Alexa - yeah, I got it, but I'm not going to be attending.

Bridget Callahan said...

Hey, thanks for the name on your blogroll. I'll return the favor. Also, is your puppy an "artful" dodger, or a "dodger dog"?

We're totally going to Huts tonight.

CB said...

Actually, it is "dogder" - said out loud it sounds like "daughter" which she is. But obviously not human.

Enjoy Hut's! I miss that place.