Friday, November 28, 2008

Battle Royale: Thanksgiving 2007 vs 2008

Last year:

This year:

For the second straight year, I did a solo home-cooked Thanksgiving. I just love the 5 day weekend too much to give it up by driving back to my folks in Illinois for the stretch. Anyway, I'm a TERRIBLE cook, and my repertoire tends to involve taking stuff from the grocery store and slightly funkify it.

For dinner this year, it was Bob Evans turkey and gravy in a bag, pre-mashed potatoes, pre-mashed yams, home-made Midwestern delight (aka the green bean/fried onion/mushroom soup casserole), corn niblets, and Stove-Top stuffing. With a sweet potato pie for dessert.

Yes, I am a glutton. Just about every day of the year. But today you can't give me shit for it. Cause it is Thanksgiving.

Anyway, with a few little dashes and fancy kitchen moves, I was able to make things a little better. For the yams, for example, I melted a little butter with some curry spice, coriander, and this weird bitter chocolate/chipotle steak rub stuff I bought at some gourmet chocolate place in Pittsburgh, and doused the serving. For the corn, I stirred in some poblano pepper and parmesan/herb seasoning. And now, as I type this, I'm too drowsy to remember what I did with the turkey and the stuffing, but I did something. And it worked.


Bridget Callahan said...

If I had known you were going to be by yourself, I would have totally invited you over. Most of our dinner conversation was about unions. You would have fit right in.

CB said...

Thanks. I actually had a few different invites, but ended up declining them. Ellie's still a little under the weather and I just wanted to sit around in sweatpants and slippers, so solo was about perfect.

Kelly and José said...

Nice work, looks edible I'd say considering the circumstance i'd give you an A for effort. How did you feel about that dog fish head? I did not like that pumpkin ale so much. the only thing i liked it was that it said Punk on the bottle as your photo shows.


CB said...

Yeah, it was edible, but just that. Nothing great.

I though the dogfish head was ok. I'm not in a hurry to drink another one.