Friday, October 31, 2008


One of the things I don't like about Facebook is when people I went to high school with "friend" me. Nothing against them, but it has been so long and some of these folks are quite wacked.

Today, for example, this guy who I ran high school track with requests my friendship. I accept, and check out the profile to see what he's been doing all these years. He's ultra conservative, ultra religious. A total RNC nutter.

And his status says "John is looking for his passport so he can make a quick getaway if Obama wins. He's going to Canada if that happens."

Really, John? If we elect a relatively liberal Democrat, you are going to move to Canada? Land of universal health care Canada? Land of gun control Canada? Did you forget that part, John?

John, you are a doofus. Just like when we were in high school.


Bridget Callahan said...

I think we should let them go.

CB said...

Hi Bridget - I totally agree. I was just taken aback by a right-wing conservative thinking a move to Canada (a nation they usually decry as socialist) would be a good idea. Just goes to show the lack of thinking on that side of things.

Blue-Eyed Brunette said...

I think he heard someone say that, and then thought it was cool or funny or something, and withought giving any thought to the matter - he decided to claim it as his own - which has now made him look like a complete idiot.

Christine said...

Well, here's a question, because the CSU girls at work were talking about their conservative facebook buddies who said the same exact thing.

Where SHOULD these people go, if they're unhappy with Obama? Seriously, let me know, Professor Bachelor, because I can't think of a country they'd be happy in. Where is there a country where they can enjoy the material comforts of an industrialized nation without the "evils" of this faux "socialism" they seem to be so afraid of?

CB said...

Good question. You are right - as far as Western industrialized nations go, there aren't really any options that would appease the right-wingers., however, recently published an article on this very subject and came up with something that would at least make the foreign policy hawk/evangelical wings of the party, though perhaps not the corporate elite wing.

Anyway, here is that link: