Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mental Health Break

Life has been insanely busy for me lately. In my professional life, never have I had a month as jam packed as this September. As the month came to a close, I looked forward to October, figuring it would be a breeze, but with every day that has proved to be decreasingly the case.

Yesterday, for the first time in what seemed like ages, I took a break and went to an in-store performance of The Veils at Music Saves, then high-tailed it over to the CIA to catch a double feature of the utterly outstanding indie-slacker-road drama The Go-Getter (featuring Zooey Deschanel, music by M. Ward, and a late-in-film allusion to a video of She and Him's most popular track, "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?") and Poultrygeist, the latest offering from schlock master Lloyd Kaufman and the folks at Troma Entertainment.

Between films, I had the fine fortune of chatting with Mr. Kaufman in the hall, and he is a surprisingly earnest, grounded guy with bold and bright ideas for reversing the terrible policies that have made truly independent cinema all but extinct these days in the USA. I wish him the best. And laughed my ass off during his film.

Today I had to go give a public lecture, which meant setting an alarm clock on the weekend, something that is never nice. Afterwards, though, I had a good lunch with one of my new colleagues at Melt, the best darn-tootin' restaurant on the west side. (Oops, looks like I caught a little Sarah Palin from the VP debate.) Then decided to scratch everything else on my list and veg out in front of the tube for the afternoon. I've been sitting here on my horrendous little Ikea loveseat (rather, the loveseat my beloved dog-der lets me borrow from time to time), catching up on personal emails and light online reading while watching American Gangster and Once, which just ended. Once, for those who haven't seen it, is a lovely little film and I think you should watch it if you have the chance. Next up is The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford.

After all that sitting and watching, I'll probably head to bed. Tomorrow is an awesome day in two respects. 1) No need to set an alarm. 2) No need to wear dress clothes. I will need to spend it working in front of a computer, in a cold windowed room, but that's what I prefer to do with my days anyway, so no need to complain there. I may actually leave the house, though, either to do some laundry or check out Godard's Masculine Feminine at the CIA. We'll have to wait and see how the day goes.

Monday, though, it'll be back to it. Jacket and dress shirt. Alarm clock. Probably even a tie. But I'll survive.


Stephanie said...

A day without an alarm is a lovely, lovely thing.

Enjoy it!

CB said...

Indeed it is, though I still woke up at 8!

Kelly and José said...

I so badly want to see "The Go Getter" :) Fortunately, it comes out on dvd in a week or so*


ps - The She & Him album is one of my favorites of the year

pss - I absolutely adore Zooey, everything from her fashion sense to her singing voice to the fact that she dated Jason Schwartzman :)

CB said...

I really dig the She and Him album too. I've started to come around to Zooey. At first I didn't dig the droll, monotone thing, but as she's become a more well-rounded actor I like her a lot more. She was pretty good in The Go-Getter in that sense.