Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rocktober 11

Only a small amount of awesomeness to report for today, and most of it has to do with me starting a near riot among the elderly this morning before a lecture I gave to a private group. Let's just say that next time you are hanging out with the grandparents, think twice before making any comparisons between Teddy Roosevelt and the two leading presidential candidates. Fortunately, I wasn't hurt. I was impressed by the awesomeness of it. Such a thing could have only happened in Rocktober.

The rest of today will not feature much, if any, awesomeness. In fact, I plan to spend the day working from home, enjoying the beautiful fall day from behind the safety of mostly clean windows. I did prop open the door to my porch with one of my chairs, but the door shut anyway and I'm not re-opening it on principle. I hope it doesn't rain again before this battle of wills is resolved.

Last night, however, more than makes up for today's relative lack of awesomeness. I had drinks in Tremont (including a beer at Hipster HQ, I mean Prosperity Social Club), popped into my second favorite NEO bookstore (Sorry Visible Voice, but Mac's is number one by a mile), and attended a terrific show at Asterisk. I've mentioned Asterisk Gallery in this blog many times, but I have to say, Dana Depew outperforms himself month after month after month. This show was exceptionally well-curated and incredibly timely. If you have a chance to hit it up, I highly recommend doing so.

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