Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rocktober 16

Today has been kinda awesome. Slept in, got a couple cool things in the mail, put the new slipcover on my dog's loveseat and had a talk with her, letting her know it would not be ok for her to turn this one into her own personal nature reserve like last time.

Now I'm sitting around waiting for some furniture to be delivered, watching Law and Order. After it comes, I'm gonna try to catch the afternoon showing of the new Lee Atwater documentary at the Cedar-Lee, snag a bite to eat somewhere on Lee Road, and then head over to the Beachland to catch either the Notwist or Bearsuit/JJ Magazine/Afternoon Naps show. I'm turn about which one to see, but as Notwist costs $10 more, I'll probably cheap out and see the show in the Tavern.

My car is starting to memorize the path between my new place and Waterloo Road, with the frequency of my recent trips over there (highlighted by the great last two in-stores at Music Saves), and it doesn't look like that's gonna change any time soon. Several local bloggers have already pointed this out, but the next few weeks are great for live music in NEO. I personally am looking forward to shows at the Grog featuring bands like Annuals, The Life and Times, and Asobi Seksu (the latter thanks to the persuasive effort of the fine folks over at Sensory Overload) and events at the Beachland like the 10/30 Halloween cover band extravaganza, the pre-election party, and the Whiskey Daredevils and The Hot Rails opening up for The Dirtbombs tomorrow.


Christine said...

Ooh, did you see the movie? How was it?

Kelly and José said...

Definitely looking fwd to Asobi Seksu :) We will send you mp3's today, along with a few links to get you connected with those YP groups we discussed*