Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rocktober 17-28

OK, so I totally screwed the pooch on my whole "make Rocktober awesome" pledge. I got busy and bored with it. Sorry.

Still, to attempt to be a man of my word, here's a super quick rundown of the days I missed:

October 28th - Today was the coolest interview I've ever done: Al Jazeera. Most of the time, when I tell my friends about strange interviews I give to the mostly international press, they think I'm either boring, lying, or a jerk. This time, they actually find me intereting. Plus, the interviewer got pissed at the camera guy for filming in the wrong something or other, thus forcing us to do the interview all over again. They also made me film b-roll at my desk, pretending to type, and another shot of me walking down the hallway. That was something I've not had to do before. I do a lot of this type of media stuff, but never had to be filmed walking down the hall.

October 27th - Today was an insane day, minute to minute jammed full of crap. My phone never really rings at work, and today it wouldn't stop. I did manage to squeeze in an interview with Czech national television about the election and book a few more for the coming week.

October 26th - Today was awesome because I put away about 60% of my books (no mean feat) and built the last remaining Ikea piece of furniture while watching the Browns win. Bonus: The Jaguars are the favorite team of my craziest brother. Ahh ... Brotherly Love. (Ironically, that's is what we would scream in laughter when one of us would have controller 1 and the person with controller 2 would be playing their turn in Super Mario Brothers and we'd hit pause as they were jumping over a gap, thus forcing them to plummet straight down to their death when the game was unfrozen.)

October 25th - Today was awesome because I rocked Akron. I made it down there in precisely the amount of time I expected, had a ridiculous yet entertaining encounter with a parking garage operative who became immediately furious that I referred to the hotel as the Radisson (since apparently it is no longer a Radisson), had a crappy lunch but managed to have an enjoyable conversation about the virtues of ranch dressing, skillfully demonstrated my knowledge about Ohio in presidential elections despite knowing virtually nothing about Ohio politics, and hit up my second favorite record store in NEO (Square Records), bringing home with me the new Electric 6 album (which sorta sucks), the Fleet Foxes record (which I have not yet digested), a $1 copy of Lotion's Full Isaac (which I haven't listened to since I had the tape my junior year in high school, but got me laid once because the album's title started a dirty-themed conversation with a girl with a nearby locker than ended up with us dating for a few weeks - how's that for founding myths?!?), and a used Mystic Chords of Memory album that immediately fell in that netherworld between car door and seat and still remains there. And then I got lost - twice - in Akron trying to find my way back. Nevertheless, I dig Akron. Anyone ever wants to hit it up, let me know.

October 24th - Today I used a $300 credit at Value City Furniture (cause I am classy) to purchase a new futon, so my friend has somewhere to sleep when she visits next week. This was not awesome for today, but it will prove awesome in a few days when I am neither being yelled at for snoring while sharing a bed with a platonic friend NOR having to fuck up my neck by sleeping on my too short crappy loveseat (which belongs to my dogder anyway).

October 23rd - Today was awesome because I totally worked from home. And when I say "worked" I mean warmed my legs with my laptop as I watched Law and Order reruns in a sweat-shirt and athletic shorts that have never seen a moment of exercise. Also, a friend came over and helped me put together my furniture from Ikea. And when I say "helped" I mean did 85% of the work for me. And as a token of our familial appreciation, my dog crazily peed on her sweatshirt. Thanks again!

October 22nd - Today was awesome because I lunched with a friend and one of the very finest political leaders in the area. It was very interesting to hear his thoughts and get to know him on a human level. Hopefully this encounter produces a positive professional relationship in the coming months and years.

October 21st - Today was awesome because it marked the FINAL lecture in a 6-week, 14 lecture marathon I did for this company out of Boston for what initially seemed like a sweetheart deal and became a shockingly and inexcusable underpaid slog through public speaking mud.

October 20th - Today was a nice day - lunch with a colleague, then a meeting with a local producer about a post-election program we are organizing. Slow and easy.

October 19th - Today was much more awesome than yesterday. I went to Ikea with a friend and not only loaded up on new furniture, but also solved a lingering emotional problem. What does that mean, you (probably don't) ask? That means I bought a new kitchen table, thus removing from the back of my mind that I need to contact my ex eventually and get my old, awesome authentic 50's diner table back from her. (Note to ex: If you creepily and inexplicably are still reading this blog, I do eventually want this diner table back. My purchase is not to be construed as evidence to the contrary. I just don't want to deal with arranging/meeting up to get it from you any time very soon.)

October 18th - Today's awesomeness failed to materialize. In fact, it was a decidedly not awesome day. I cleared my calendar for a work party in Brecksville and spent literally 1 3/4 hours driving around in an ultimately unsuccessful attempt to find it. Boo for mapquest.

October 17th - Today's awesomeness came in the form of attending the Trakas-Kucinich debate at the City Club. It is a virtually impossible task to make me a Kucinich supporter, but Jim Trakas miraculously managed to accomplish the feat when he referred to Obama supporters as "sinners that need to be prayed for." He cemented my (temporary) endorsement of Dennis at the debate, when he sarcastically apologized to a question from an audience member who wondered out loud about Trakas's views on plurality and tolerance. I also met up for coffee in the afternoon with two of my favorite colleagues, which was nice, if not exactly awesome. What was VERY awesome, though, was meeting up with three super-cool folks and catching the Frightened Rabbit in-store at Music Saves and following it up with cheap beers at the dive bar down the block. Broadway? Boardwalk? I always forget what the name is. Also, can anyone tell me why more folks don't hang out here?

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