Thursday, October 9, 2008


Disgusting. And worse yet, it happens here.

This video wasn't taken in some backwoods town in rural Alabama or West Virginia. These fine folks are from Strongsville.

Probably the same fine folks that listened to WTAM this morning as they gave a platform to disgraced scandal-monger Jerome Corsi.

To watch this video, you wonder whether we really are in the 21st Century.

I went on a date a little while ago during which the woman said she wasn't sure if she was a Republican or a Democrat. I jokingly said, well, if you care about poor people and equality, you should be a Democrat. She, with a straight face, said she'd probably be a Republican then.

I thought THAT was disgusting. The blonde in this video is more than that, she's actually frightening. See if you can watch this, with the flag-waving and the quotes about "bloodlines" and "one-man terrorist cells" and not get both scared and sick. Both Leni Riefenstahl and David Duke would be proud.

(Credit for braving the madness and getting this footage goes to this guy here.)


bonnjill said...

Man, that was disturbing. I had to turn it off. I couldn't take it anymore. It saddens me that people can't think or research for themselves and just believe what Fox News tells them to believe.

Christine said...

"i'd probably be a republican"? are you serious? where do you FIND these people?

CB said...

I have LOTS of bad relationship karma still to be worked off, apparently.

Honestly, I never knew I was such a bad guy.

The Scribe said...

disgusted and scared. have to work around that area today.