Tuesday, October 28, 2008

c-listers against Franken

I'm a liberal Democrat, but even still, I'm not keen on this Al Franken candidacy. To me the guy is an unserious douchebag, a continuation of public cynicism rather than a positive change in any direction. Don't get me wrong - I'm no Norm Coleman guy. I just think we should have grown-ups in the Senate, and Franken doesn't seem to be one.

The clip above is a delightful little reel of RNC-leaning C-list actors begging the Gopher state not to judge all Hollywood folks on the basis of Franken. Clever, cute, but probably not terribly effective.


Kelly and José said...

I think you'll love the Fleet Foxes album -- one of our absolute favorites of the year, plus it's the perfect cold weather album. Just in time :)

We still have yet to watch The Devil and Daniel Johnston you loaned us -- but most likely will do so this evening since I am sick with a cold and curling up on the couch sounds really good*


CB said...

Ugh - feel better soon!