Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rocktober 12

Today's awesomeness was three-fold:

1) No alarm clock, meaning I woke up when I was good and ready and lounged in bed till my dog-der's begging forced me out.

2) Took an inspired and inspring mid-afternoon nap.

3) Headed out to catch a flick at the CIA and a post-film outdoor beer at the Barking Spider, one of my very favorite bars in town.

A trifecta of Awesomeness, I say, and a testament to the glory that underlies Rocktober.

Bonus awesome moment: As I walked in to my apartment post-movie/Barking Spider, I suddenly got a little bummed out because the morning was going to bring another week of work. I sat down, flipped over the page on my daily calendar and saw ... tomorrow was Columbus Day and another day off! Awesome.


Kelly and José said...

You are very lucky :) I so wish my company observed Columbus Day. . .

And, it definitely sounds like Rocktober is going very well*


CB said...

Rocktober is going OK, I guess. I wish something unbelievably awesome would happen, though, so I wouldn't have to sit and think about how to spin my usually dull days into something awesome.

Not tomorrow, though. Tomorrow with its in-storing and drinking will be awesome, guaranteed.