Friday, October 31, 2008

Rocktober 30

Finally, a bit of serious awesomeness, just as Rocktober is ending (thank god).

I appreciate the spirit of this Rocktober experiment, as September (and parts of August) were tough for me this year, and certainly the self-conscious component of this effort has likely made the month better than it would have been otherwise, but still ... I find myself on the cusp of November having survived in October, not really having thrived in Rocktober.

Nevertheless, yesterday was a good day.

I woke up early, but felt good about it. Strolled into my office to catch up on things, not really sure if I had anything booked, and was greeted by a voicemail and a couple emails asking me questions about a public panel I was supposed to appear on and, it turns out, moderate, that had kinda sorta slipped my mind. Despite being written in big black letters on my calendar for the day.

I was hardly distressed, though, and instead swung into action, managing to reply to the emails with measured confidence and show up to the even on time (early, in fact!), at which I performed reasonably well, if I might say so myself.

At the end, I received my renumeration: a bag of chicken wings.

I'll only comment on this to say that there are peaks and valleys in my rate of pay for public lectures and the like. I'll say also that, believe it or not, this wasn't the worst deal I have ever accepted.

Later, I sent off a flurry of formal, letter-headish letters I'd been putting off, and then went home for the afternoon to watch episodes of Charmed (feat. Alyssa Milano in a series of belly-baring sweaters) and get ready for my one and only Halloween event of the season: the much anticipated Beachland Ballroom Hello Cleveland cover band spectacular.

I met up my new buddy Mel at Music Saves, where we enjoyed some cider and I tried to sell the staff on early voting. Then it was off to the Ballroom where my lazy attempt at a costume still managed to qualify for the reduced cover charge. We met up with Matt from Addicted to Vinyl and had a good time rocking out to the cover bands, giving props to the "real" J Geils fans in the house (including the dancing mulletress at the next table), and drinking a few beers.

There were many choice moments in the night, but here is an incomplete list of my favorites:

-- The hecklers telling the chatty singer in Good Touch Bad Touch/The Kinks that he was breaking the third wall by talking so much. Most sophisticated way I've ever heard a rock crowd demand more rock/less talk.

-- The drummer from the Muttering Retreats. That dude brought it, and the fact that it seemed like he was a high schooler that probably had to leave immediately after the set to make curfew made it all the more awesome.

-- Last but not least, falling in love with one of the performers, primarily because of her haircut and, even more, the seething rage that was barely kept in check. Actually, upon further review, it was absolutely not kept in check. I want to be her boyfriend. And, yes, I have problems. Angry hipster chicks turn me on, what can I say?

-- The excessive amount of stage smoke during the Hot Rails/J. Geils Band set. The way the band closed out their portion was absolutely priceless. Ken Janssen is a master showman.

-- Our conversation about who the craziest person in Hollywood is. None of us could top Anne Heche.

There were other ones in there, but my memory isn't what it used to be. Mel, Matt: feel free to add any I've forgotten.


Mel said...

Well, I don't want to knock down your new love, but she a) has sitting problems and b) cannot keep a handle on her drum sticks.

In any event, I fully intend to show up next Halloween in acid wash, mullet and work boots.

Ooh, don't forget the Major League costumes! Even if I still cannot figure out the white face paint on that tall dude.

I cannot stop laughing at the smoke scene during Hot Rails. So freaking hilarious.

CB said...

Ahh ... also classic: the Tony Danza set-break reference, which prompted 30 minutes of Danza related conversation.

CB said...

And leave my future wife alone. Although, should thinks work out as I hope/pray, would you be willing host a therapy-themed bachelorette party?

Tim said...

thanks for the drumming props... you make me feel so young as i sit here in my cubicle wasting my 20's away.

-tim / the muttering retreats

Cari said...

hey thanks for mentioning us :) glad you had a fun time!

cari- the muttering retreats

Mel said...

LMFAO! How could we leave out Tony Danza and his dancing theatrics.

Google tells me he survived a go-kart accident, a ski-meet-tree incident AND something about him trying to tap dance... *shudder*

Remember how I remarked on his cooking segments? Well, he also recently released a book, "Don't Fill Up on the Antipasto." Awesome.

Oh, that Tony -- way to command the conversation.

CB said...

Hey Tim and Cari -

You guys were great. And I swear to god - I mean the young/high school thing in the most complimentary way - kind of a ham-fisted way of me saying you looked young and really enthusiastic ... which is great.

Also, none of us at the table had seen you before, but all agreed that your Beck set made us want to see your original work ... for what it is worth. Great show - your instrumentals really nailed Beck!

Tim said...

well there's all kinds of stuff on the myspace... also our cd is for sale there and over at music saves... we were album of the week there when it came out.

also, if you're savvy about searching for mp3s in the less savory corners of the internet i bet you could download the whole thing.

CB said...

Hey Tim - I was over at Music Saves again last night so I picked up your record. I'm looking forward to digesting it!

Bridget Callahan said...

Ken is masterly at most things. Especially popping up on porches you don't expect him to be on.