Friday, October 31, 2008

Rocktober 31 - Fin

It is finished.

Rocktober, that is.

As I mentioned previously, it was an interesting experiment, though ultimately I don't think it engineered the level of awesomeness I had hoped. Still, there are worse ways to spend a month.

Today's awesomeness is minimal, especially after last night. I feel a little weak, not quite hungover, but tired. Fortunately, I managed to structure most of my day in such a way as to put primary responsibility on everyone else ... and come out ahead in doing so!

I just got off the phone with a local TV producer after haggling over details on election night coverage, which I will be minimally involved in, so I guess that's the best and most awesome part of the day.

In a minute, I'm heading home, and later will be meeting up with an old college friend who is crashing with me for the weekend. It will be nice to see her, though her visit comes under the most tragic and sad circumstances I can imagine, so it isn't exactly gonna be a party. I don't think we are going to do much. Maybe grab lunch at Melt tomorrow, maybe bum around my neighborhood. Maybe we'll check out a flick at the Cedar-Lee (I wouldn't mind seeing Burn After Reading or Rachel Getting Married) or grab beers at one of the local watering holes. That'll be fine by me.

In any respect, I wish each of you a happy weekend, a happy Halloween, and a Happy November. I'm optimistic that it will be a better month, with a (hopefully) wonderful electoral outcome and a dramatically lightened workload once the big day passes, a fun work trip to Boston (including a Kings of Leon show at the Orpheum), some great events at the Beachland and CIA, my first ever Browns game, Electric 6 at the Grog, and my third favorite holiday (Thanksgiving, duh, after Labor Day and a perpetual tie between St Patty's and Casimir Pulaski Day). Keep your fingers crossed for me. I mean, for us - you don't want to keep reading all this whiny shit, do you?


Kelly and José said...

Since we don't celebrate casimir pulski day in ohio, what does that entail? I had never even heard of him until that Sufjan Stevens song , I know that is pathetic to learn something from Sufjan Stevens song...


CB said...

Ahh ... Pulaski was a Polish soldier that came to the US to help lead/fight in the Revolutionary War. The holiday is celebrated in Illinois with a day off from school because Chicago politicians pressured the state legislature to declare it as a way of showing support to Polish residents of the Windy City. Chicago happens to have the highest concentration of Polish people of every city in the world (including actually cities in Poland) except Warsaw.